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Built in the 12th century for Jayavarman VII the temple is huge and at one time housed over 100,000 people in its walls. It is surrounded by a moat and the outer wall has figures of Garuda all around its perimeter. Largely unrestored, it is the one other temple, apart from Ta Prohm where silk cotton and fig trees are still growing out of the stone blocks.
The MoatThe Naga CausewayGaruda GuardiansGaruda GuardiansDeva at entranceEntrance GopuraMain EntranceSilk cotton treePediment with apsarasPediment with apsarasStupa at the central shrineDvarapal at the doorwayDvarapal at the doorwayThe RuinsThe RuinsThe RuinsThe RuinsThe RuinsWestern entranceChildren playing