Pradeep Bansal | The Leopard Hunt
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One of the most exciting events we witnessed in Sabi Sands, South Africa was a leopard hunt. Late in the day as we were returning to our lodge, we came up on this waterbuck that were munching grass in a clearing. Unknown to them a leopard was stalking them. He moved slowly, low to the ground and finally made his move, selecting what we thought was perhaps not the best target. He pounced on the waterbuck and almost brought him down, but then lost his grip and fell off. The buck survived and ran away. This life and death drama unfolding before us took less than ten seconds to play out. The light was bad, there were bushes and brambles in the way so the pictures are poor, but the experience was unprecedented.
Waterbucks in the ClearingLeaping LeopardStalking LeopardRunning for LifeGet Off Me!I am still Here!Coming Over!Almost thereI've got you nowOn to the NeckFinal StruggleLost ItLost ItLost ItLost ItIs there anybody else out there?Who's afraid of a big bad Leopard?