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Apart from the famous finches of Darwin, the birds unique to the islands are the lava heron, lava gull, galapagos penguin, galapagos dove, the galapagos mockingbird and many others. Then there are the species that are not native or unique to the area such as the frigate bird, the yellow warbler, the blue-footed booby, the brown pelican etc.
Common ground finch, smallCommon ground finch, smallGround Finch, mediumYellow WarblerYellow WarblerGalapagos DoveGalapagos DoveSmooth-billed AniFrigate BirdFrigate BirdFrigate BirdGalapagos MockingbirdGalapagos MockingbirdGalapagos MockingbirdGalapagos MockingbirdLava GullLava HeronLava HeronLava HeronBrown Pelican(s)